Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution has attracted wide attention from global news media.

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The Washington Post

As Fred Vogelstein writes in Dogfight, his illuminating, lively book on the war between Apple and Google, Apple engineers knew that Google was working on its Android phone software as they were preparing to release the iPhone in 2007. But Jobs wasn’t worried. The companies were partners, even friends….These Google guys would never betray Jobs. But they did.” Read more.


The book is loaded with fresh, never-before-reported details thanks to interviews that Vogelstein, a contributing editor at Wired, scored with nearly a dozen Apple engineers, managers and partners who had either never spoken to a reporter before or never talked at length about their experiences.” Read more.

The New Yorker

One Tuesday in January, 2007, Steve Jobs, the C.E.O. of Apple, sat backstage at San Francisco’s Moscone Center and prepared for the most audacious bluff of his career. The iPhone was about to be unveiled, but the device was not remotely ready for the public eye…” Read more.

 The Boston Globe

It’s a story that goes well beyond the head-to-head slugging match between two mighty companies. Along the way, Vogelstein serves up a lucid overview of the computing and communications industries that Apple and Google have done so much to transform.” Read more.

The Huffington Post

In a word, Dogfight is excellent. Vogelstein makes you feel like you’re sitting in key meetings with senior execs like Steve Jobs, Andy Rubin, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and others intricately involved in the development of the iPhone and Android. Read more.

San Francisco Chronicle

Vogelstein is an excellent reporter and an excellent writer….He stood on the sidelines during the rise of both Apple and Google, capturing exclusive interviews and offering smart analysis – and that expertise is clear. Read more.


The story of how Apple reinvented the wireless business has been told many times, by many people. But few accounts are as riveting as Vogelstein’s…Apple and Google are no longer fighting over smartphones and tablets. It’s a battle for the future of all media.” Read more.

Kirkus Reviews 

This unhealthy competition makes for juicy reading, to be sure, but the author makes some very salient points about a post-tablet world and the future of the media…Old-school journalism that has plenty to say about the new media and how we absorb information today.” Read more.


Dogfight is the result of building a network of sources over the course of half [Vogelstein’s] adult life, perhaps. It could only have been written by someone with deep insider connections, both on and off the record, which is precisely why it reads like a spy thriller.” Read more.